Madness flooded my gene pool.

It surges through our veins, like radiation in The Pacific.

  -  1 September 2013

Fuck you Xander


Are you serious right now? “I take these pictures to portray all the work that has been put in to become hot, to become desired.” …..really?

Personally, I think that there is much more to life than just being hot and “desired”. And I KNOW that there is much more to a woman than her body or physical beauty. You take pictures of these women because they have perfect boobs and butts and faces? That’s why they’re amazing? What ever happened to who they are as people? You made one, single reference to their “personalities”, as you put it. Every other word was about their physical appearances. I’d love to hear something about these amazing young ladies that didn’t have to do with their bodies. But, apparently that’s all they are to you. That’s why you photograph them. 

And really? All the work that has been put into being hot? Really? That’s what you people spend your time doing? I love how, according to Xander, these women aren’t going to the gym to be healthy and happy individuals…no they’re just going so they can be thin and “hot”, and so their “butt can look amazing” for that facebook picture. I guess that’s all that matters. 

It’s people like you who make millions of young women feel bad about themselves because they don’t look like the girls you photograph or the models in magazines. It’s people like you who promote sexism because you advertise, whether you know it or not, that the most important and interesting thing about a woman is her body. What makes it even worse is that you were trying to say something respectful and supportive for these women. If that’s your idea of respect, then all I have to say is:

Go fuck yourself Xander.

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Anonymous said: i'm always wondering about you, kido.

is this jocelyn??!!

  -  27 May 2013

I ran into an old flame….

Some sparks slowly die,

and are put to rest in envelopes and photo albums;

collecting dust in the unvisited corners of one’s mind.

While others never cease to ignite 

at the mere utterance of a name.

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All I’ve ever wanted to do was to love and be loved.

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Ain’t it funny how someone can still manage to disrupt your life when they’re not even a part of it anymore?

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Anonymous said: *hugs* <(^.^<)


  -  21 December 2012

Are you depressed?


How long have you struggled with depression?

Never have we struggled. We have danced, slept, loved….she comes quiet and easy.

It is happiness with whom I struggle. She’s a real bitch, she is. 

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